"Afterglow" is a quality that all party-givers long to attain, that special, magical quality remembered long after the food, the fun and the favors have faded.

In Westlake Village and its environs, if the ambiance of a certain occasion lingers in the mind, chances are that David Jeffrey Florist has something to do with it.

When it came time for us to do a new web site the most important message David Jeffrey Florists wanted to convey to new customers is a quality local florist that consumers can trust with distinctive designs at an affordable price. Below are some updated excerpts from articles that were written about us over the years.

Since 1982 David Jeffrey Florist has been setting the standard for quality floral designs and coordinating events for a diverse clientele. In 1982 they opened their first shop with grand piano decor in Westlake Village then opting in 1985 for a warehouse based setting that accommodated their large volume clientele, to their beloved "David Jeffrey's Flowers on the Boulevard" location where friends and clients alike were known to drop in by the dozens.

Sadly that wonderful quaint little building on Thousand Oaks Blvd was sold to a large developer and was torn down so David Jeffrey decided to return full time to their warehouse location on a permanent basis, expand the on-line business and recently opened a satellite shop at Conejo Mountain Memorial Park as their preferred florist where they continue to make new friends and share their magnificent talents in creating signature floral designs.

The story begins in 1979, where they had the extraordinary idea of "apprenticing" themselves to a extremely successful designer. The very best, they decided, was Dona Bellettini in the San Fernando Valley, who was doing lots of movie & TV studio work, had a cliental of A list Hollywood celebrities, and Dona studied with legendary floral designer Silverio. They offered to work for her on evenings and weekends (and here is the unusual part) without pay! Donna accepted with one proviso: "If you promise not to open next door to me." And for two and a half years, David and Jeff learned their craft from some of the great floral designers in the industry, including Silverio.

Today, their individual style is recognized by the connoisseur. They remain open to new design concepts but always remember that "Trends come and go," but good taste, distinctive designs with quality flowers never go out of style. David's specialty is flair for envisioning an over-all plan. He often will coordinate catering, lighting, linens and music – all the components of a memorable event. "We've always had a lasting relationship with clients – word of mouth is usually our only advertisement."

But not everything in floral design is weddings and parties. David Jeffrey talked about creating final floral tributes for memorial services and funerals. It is the very last thing you do for a person and we find it very moving and personal work.

They remember a particular story that speaks to who they are as businessmen and most importantly as human beings. After the funeral of a valued client for many years his wife stopped by the shop with a bottle of wine and a thank you. She said "you guys have been here with us for the most important times of our lives, the birth of two of our children, the holiday decor in our home, the wedding of our sons and the passing of my husband." Of all the special memories they have shared with customers that one in particular is one they will never forget.

After 42 years in business they are grateful for the tremendous support they have received and smile with pride when they mention a recent new milestone in their careers.... They are doing weddings for children they sent flowers to when they were born. The David Jeffrey Tradition continues....


Special thanks to Ariane Comstock and Westlake Magazine for their contribution writing this article.